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A Vision to Rebuild Notre Dame

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Rebuilding the Heart, the Mind, and the Hand

Our Hands need our Minds, guided by the Heart.  We support the full restoration of Notre Dame as it stood prior to the tragic fire. Our proposal focuses on how the site surrounding Notre Dame can be used during the restoration process. The rebuilding of Notre Dame should be a public process and the site should convey the important meanings of what has existed there, the traditions that contributed toward its development, and the people that materialized and crafted it. 


The Heart

Rebuild the Heart of France.

Notre Dame Cathedral is an edifice that embodies the highest aims of humanity and should remain as a timeless source of inspiration to all.   

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The Mind

Rebuild the Mind.

Relearning the lessons of history, and the wisdoms of culture, will strengthen our abilities to conceptualize a more dignified and human habitat. The progress of society is inseparable from the traditions that we chose to maintain.

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The Hand

Rebuild the Hand.

Our built environment can only extend as far as our craftspeople can take us. Enriching our building cultures will bring value to both, the lives of those who create it, and the lives of those who will experience it.

Why is this proposal even needed?

The restoration period for Notre Dame will be a lengthy process, but one that is worth the utmost care and effort and not one that should be rushed for the sake of time.  After talking with a series of professionals, we realized the process could take ten or more years to complete correctly.  Thus, it will have a significant impact on the public space surrounding the cathedral, the congregation, and those visiting the site for a significant amount of time. We are proposing a plan that continues the site's important public and religious functions while promoting the various ideas and skills that led to the achievements embodied in Notre Dame. 

“A city is not an accident but the result of coherent visions and aims.” 

Léon Krier

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